Company Overview

HALFSMOKE is the first restaurant of its kind to serve gourmet sausages via a “chipotle-style” assembly line format. We fill the void for a premium offering of one of America’s longstanding favorite foods, the sausage, which is the 3rd most consumed item in America. Our sausages and toppings can be fully customized to create over 50,000 variations of food that’s fun, fanatical and full of flavor. The menu also features house made tater tots, mac and cheese balls, funnel cakes, milkshakes, craft beer, wine and specialty cocktails via a full bar. All of our items are all-natural, hormone and antibiotic-free and we strive to use the freshest premium ingredients available. HALFSMOKE is well positioned to become a compelling lifestyle brand and can help to pioneer the creation of a new category of “fun casual restaurants”. Fun casual couples the ease, value and convenience of fast casual restaurants with the high standards of thoughtful ingredient sourcing, chef inspired preparation & cooking, in a welcoming restaurant design that’s typically associated with “destination” restaurants where customers seek not only good food but an entertaining experience.

Career Path

The employees at HALFSMOKE will be well compensated so that they feel appreciated and relieved from many of the burdens of struggling to make ends meet. But more importantly, we will foster a culture where our employees are challenged to grow both personally and professionally. We will equip our employees with the necessary hard and soft skills to take ownership for their life and to create a better world for themselves and others. Thus we call our employees “Creators” and view the cultivation of our “Creators” as the secret sauce of achieving long-lasting success. We are sure our innovative restaurant model will encourage copycats, but they will be unable to replicate our best in class team.

Company Culture

The HALFSMOKE vision is to “stand for something good” in all aspects of HALFSMOKE’s business, including the premium ingredients making up our menu, our community engagement and the design of our restaurants and the exceptional team of Creators we will hire and cultivate. “Stand for something good” is a call to action to all of our stakeholders – our team, patrons, community, suppliers and investors – and we would love for you to share this philosophy with us.

HALFSMOKE was carefully designed to both restore and provide happiness to our customers and employees. In fact, we measure success by the total number of lives we can positively impact every day. On one hand, we are all aware that the restorative potential of the sausage is immense and that’s what will drive customers through our doors. But more importantly, we are deeply driven by the challenge to also make our customers happy via their experience. Thus in addition to designing a revolutionary operating model that unleashes the full restorative and indulgent power of the sausage, we’ve created a revolutionary labor model built on the premise that happy employees are the key to happy customers. We believe that our responsibility to positively impact lives begins and ends with our employees.

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